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Waller Craftsmanship – an ongoing Tradition.

Most General Contractors in the modern era subcontract almost all of their work to subcontractors. At Waller, we have always operated differently and operated our own in-house team of craftsmen to complete as much of our field work as possible. From our earliest days in the 1960s we employed our own masons and carpenters – and today – 50 plus years later – we continue to use our own field crews – including:

  • Cabinetmakers
  • Carpenters
  • Painters
  • Plumbers
  • Masons

Having our own in-house craftsmen and general contractors gives us the ability to create more value in the following ways:

  • More competitive pricing
  • More control of our schedule – fewer delays
  • More knowledge
  • Better quality
  • Better communication

Stop by our Showroom Studio and you will see some of our work, including:

  • Custom hand built furniture (conference tables, carts, coffee table, and more)
  • Beautiful columns, mouldings, etc.
  • Custom built cabinets.

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